DLTJ-B 715

Product Description
Standby Power
kVA kW Ampere
715 572 1030
Prime Power
kVA kW Ampere
650 520 936

State-of-the-art engine brands with low fuel consumption, mounted on fuel pump, mechanical or electronic type governor, complying with ISO 8528, ISO 3046, BS 5514, DIN 6271 standards are used.

Brand baudouin
Model 6M33G715/5
Max. Total Output Power (kWm/hp) 633/851
Cylinder Volume (lt) 19.6
Cylinder Arrangement 6 Single Row
Bore x Stroke (mm*mm) 150*185
Governor Type Electronic
Cabin Group
Width (mm) 1900
Length (mm) 4200
Height (mm) 2500
Weight (Kg) 5450
Fuel Tank Capacity (Lt) 700
Cabinless Group
Width (mm) 1900
Length (mm) 4200
Height (mm) 2100
Weight (Kg) 4950
Fuel Tank Capacity (Lt) 700
Cabin Features

Generator chassis are manufactured from steel with a special modular design. The tank is mounted on the chassis. Engine alternator radiator connections are made with vibration wedges and vibration is minimized. It can make special chassis and fuel tank designs in line with the demands.

Emergency Stop Button
Control Panel Window
Special Sound Insulation
Exhaust Muffler
Special Air Channels for Cooling
Corrosion and Rust Resistant Electrostatic Paint coating
Control Panel

Generator control panels are durable panels that are easy to use, can be updated with secure software, and are durable for a long time. It can be remotely controlled with ETHERNET and GPRS optionally. The panel body is made of steel sheet and painted with electrostatic powder paint. Electronics have an isolated and waterproof design

Automatic Control System with LCD Screen
Remote Monitoring and Control Opportunity
Multifunctional Business Opportunity
Possibility to Choose Different Languages
Programmable via USB, RS-232 and GSM
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